It's not uncommon to experience swollen feet or ankles, especially after walking or standing for long periods. While these symptoms can often be remedied by resting and elevating your feet, there may be a bigger problem if the swelling doesn't go down, or if you're experiencing other symptoms. Consult the list below to learn about potential causes and how to seek proper pain relief.

Why Do You Have Swollen Feet & Ankles?

1. Medication Side Effect

If you recently started taking any new medications, swelling of the ankles and feet can be a side effect. Common medications such as antidepressants, birth control pills, testosterone pills, or calcium channel blockers can all cause swelling. Talk to your doctor to see if they can prescribe medications for swelling reduction or pain relief.

2. Injury

Minor injuries to the foot or ankle can often lead to swelling. The most common is a sprained ankle, which occurs when the ligaments that hold the ankle in place are stretched beyond their normal range. In this case, avoid walking on the injured ankle or foot, use ice packs and elevate to reduce swelling, and wrap the foot or ankle with a compression bandage.

3. Natural Hormone Changes

pain reliefChanges in hormone levels can cause swelling, though this more frequently impacts women. Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels are common during pregnancy, and these changes can cause poor circulation in your legs, leading to unusual swelling of the feet and ankles.

4. Infection

Excessive swelling in your feet or ankles can be a sign of infection, especially if you have nerve problems or diabetes. If you have either condition, inspect your feet daily for blisters and sores. If anything on your feet or ankles appears to be infected, contact your doctor right away.

5. Poor Circulation

Your veins keep blood flowing upward with valves that move in one direction. When these valves become damaged, the blood runs back down the vessels, and fluid is retained in the soft tissue of the lower legs. This condition is commonly known as venous insufficiency, and it may require therapy for pain relief.


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