Backhoes and excavators are commonly used in a variety of construction and major landscaping projects. While they offer different benefits and purposes, they're often mistaken for each other. If you’re beginning a project and buying serious machines for the first time, you should be mindful of the differences so that you can select the right construction equipment for the job. Here’s a closer look at each.


For a large-scale project that involves digging sizable holes and moving significant amounts of earth, an excavator is essential. This solid piece of construction equipment relies on several key parts, including a boom, an arm, and a bucket. The boom is the lever responsible for supporting the arm, which in turn secures the bucket. The latter is the part that actually digs, and it’s interchangeable with other types of tools, depending on the project's needs. For example, a rake can be used to dig up roots, while an auger can dig openings for utility holes.

construction equipment

This important tool is used for many earth-moving and trench-digging projects. It's also useful for demolishing large structures and moving heavy objects. Because it can rotate 360 degrees, the operator doesn’t need to move the device to another place as often. They can simply rotate the equipment and transplant the dirt from one place to another.


A backhoe is a smaller device that’s easier to maneuver. Its digging tool is designed to excavate land or lift large materials with ease. It relies on a boom, which supports the dipper arm that holds onto the bucket where debris is collected. This piece of equipment rotates 200 degrees, but it's not designed for larger work sites. 

Its greatest advantage is its flexibility. Due to its size, it fits nicely into compact spaces and is ideal for digging trenches where space is limited. It's typically used for small or medium-scale jobs, like farmland projects that require digging. Like an excavator, it can also perform many different functions with varied attachments ranging from rakes to compactors.


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