Does your business model lend itself to remote working? Over 40% of American businesses offer remote working hours. It’s a figure set to increase as more companies get on board. Advances in internet reach, secured platforms, and telephony have made it a viable and even profitable decision. One such advance is a VoIP phone system, which allows you to transmit voice digitally rather than through a traditional landline.

Why Offer Remote Work Hours?

VoIP phone systemsThere are several reasons that so many companies are allowing remote working hours. These include:

  • Improved workforce retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced disaster recovery and crisis management
  • Lowered travel and meeting expenses
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Many employees are even willing to take a pay cut for a role that allows them to work from home, which shows how much they value the freedom to work remotely. 

How Can VoIP Help Make Remote Work a Reality for Your Business?

A VoIP phone system can make transitioning from in-office to remote working a breeze. A VoIP system enables remote workers to connect with the rest of the workforce in real-time, from anywhere in the world. It uses internet protocols to allow staff to seamlessly share files and access internal systems as well as connect in audio and video.

VoIP is affordable to set up and has long-term saving benefits. The cost of running an office space—utilities, facilities, and amenities—will decrease. You can also scale your workforce to accommodate your needs without impacting overheads.

Many providers offer a mobile app version of their solution and smartphone integration so that people can remain connected without a laptop.


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