Telecom expense management (TEM) solutions are designed to streamline your business’s various telecom service bills and contracts into data that can help you discover savings for your company. To reap the benefits of this kind of tracking system, learn more about how you can work with a telecommunications company to use TEM in your industry.

How to Determine Your TEM’s ROI

1. Centralize Billing

It’s not easy to focus on the big picture of telecom expenses when there are separate bills floating around. TEM solutions combine all your monthly telecom bills and services, including VoIP phone systems, IT services, and business internet, into a single financial picture.

This helps uncover services you may not be using, such as cloud subscriptions, that you can discontinue. You can also begin comparing these costs with services from other telecommunications companies to decide if you should change providers. Compare the numbers to see how much you’ll save by making changes through your TEM.

2. Automate Billing

telecommunications companyWhether you have 10 clients or 100, keeping track of the fine print in your contracts can be challenging. Minor mistakes could lead to financial losses through waste or from client dues going unnoticed. Human error can also lead to payments being sent late.

Resolve these issues by automating your billing system through TEM. You can be confident that payments are being made on time, which ultimately helps compensate for the cost of any TEM investments you’ve made in auto-billing.

3. Automate Employee Expense Tracking

TEM provides an automated system for employees to centralize telecom spending. Any time the company phone plan is updated or new IT protections are purchased, the receipts and costs will be input into a cloud-based management service.

Once all the data is centralized, you can create charts and spreadsheets to identify spending patterns and areas where some employees are saving while others are overspending. As you make adjustments, you can look at month-over-month comparisons of expenses to see how much ROI your TEM system is yielding.


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