A phishing attack is a way that scammers trick you into giving them personal information, often through email or text messages. They could be after anything from your banking account credentials to your clients’ social security numbers. A professional IT services company can help protect your organization from security threats, but you and your team members should know how to spot a phishing scam.

How to Spot a Phishing Attack 

1. Strange Email Address

Many scammers will create an account that looks authentic. If they are pretending to be a business, they may create an email account that looks similar to the legitimate company’s and include a logo or signature.

Check the email address closely. Most businesses communicate through accounts using their own domain, rather than a general email provider such as Gmail. 

2. Unusual & Urgent Requests

it servicesScammers may conduct research and pretend to be a boss or coworker. It may appear you received an email from an executive at your company, for example, urgently asking you to send them client information or a company credit card. The hacker may give you a deadline to complete this by so you feel rushed and won’t ask questions.  

If the request seems unusual, such as transferring a large sum of money to a different bank account, it may be someone else behind the computer. Take the time to follow up with your superiors before completing out-of-the-ordinary requests. 

3. Conversations Only Through the Internet

It’s not wise to send confidential information through email, as it’s an irreversible decision. Be wary of senders that ask this, as reputable places, like banks, will never require you to provide sensitive content over the internet.

See if you can find a number attached to the email to call and confirm the sender’s identity. Never click or download any links or attachments in suspicious emails, even if the person says they are secure. Doing so could automatically invite viruses and install malware onto your computer. 


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