In the past, smaller businesses could get away with hiring their own IT personnel, but larger operations require more specialized help. By utilizing managed IT services from a third-party company, you can cut costs and improve the efficiency of your business. This guide explains why outsourcing these needs is a good idea.

3 Reasons to Outsource Managed IT Services

1. Save on Internal Hires

If you don’t use a third party, you have to hire professionals that provide the IT services your business needs. This includes paying full-time salaries and benefits. Since these positions must be filled by experienced technicians, you’ll have to offer competitive compensation packages.

When you hire a third-party service, you only pay a modest monthly fee. The third-party company takes on the responsibility of paying its employees and providing benefits packages.

2. Save on Time

managed IT servicesUnless you have frequent IT problems, your own staff might not have enough work to do every day. You have to pay them for a full day of work, even if they only spent an hour or two on productive tasks.

When outsourcing IT needs to a third-party company, you can call them for help when you need it. Depending on the package, you’ll receive expert advice and won’t be charged for additional or extensive problems.

3. Improve Security 

A business computer breach can compromise data and deter customers from working with you. Managed IT services specialize in boosting cybersecurity. 

Since they work with a wide variety of companies and industries, they understand the common risks associated with running a business. They’ve likely worked with other establishments that faced similar problems as yours. When you have an experienced and well-rounded IT professional at your fingertips, you won’t have to worry about your digital data.


Third-party managed IT services will provide you with talented professionals without the stress of running your own department. Located in Hillsborough, NC, Insight Direct customizes IT solutions for businesses throughout the Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill areas. In addition to IT support, they provide phone and internet services to meet all of your telecommunication needs. Learn more about their IT services online, or call (919) 245-7881 to speak with a friendly representative.