A dead battery can be a frustrating experience that leaves you unable to start your car. The battery is responsible for delivering power to the engine and other components of the vehicle, and you can't get where you need to go without it. Review this brief guide to learn about the common causes of this issue so that you know when to see an auto mechanic

Why Does Your Car Battery Keep Dying?

1. Age

You'll need a battery replacement when the current one reaches the end of its life span. Battery life can vary significantly based upon your regular driving habits.

In general, a battery lasts between three and five years. Once it reaches the tail end of its useful life, it may struggle to provide the necessary electrical current to start the engine. If you have trouble getting the engine started, your auto mechanic will check the battery first.

2. Lights

auto mechanic

A car's lighting system uses a surprising amount of battery power. Headlights, brake lights, and interior dome and reading bulbs can all sap a battery if they're inadvertently left on, whether from human error or a mechanical issue with the lighting system.

Get in the habit of checking the lights before exiting the vehicle. Consider switching to LED headlights, as they won't drain your battery like halogen options will.

3. Corrosion

A battery is connected by cables to terminals that provide power. Because battery acid is corrosive, it can damage the terminals, often producing a blue, green, or white buildup.

This can prevent the cables from connecting properly and getting the full amount of power they need to start the engine and keep it engaged. You can apply battery terminal grease to minimize the chances of corrosion.


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