With the higher temperatures and extra driving on family road trips, summer can put a lot of additional stress on your vehicle. Following a few auto maintenance basics can help keep your car performing as it should. Here are a few tasks that should be at the top of your to-do list for keeping your car in excellent shape this summer.

Top Summertime Auto Maintenance Essentials

1. Battery Checks

Summer heat can significantly speed up fluid loss and oxidation in a car battery, making this part much more likely to get damaged. Most repair shops will test battery levels for free to determine if you need to replace yours soon or not. Look for covered parking to minimize heat exposure as well.

2. Oil Changes

auto maintenanceGetting your engine oil changed as recommended by your owner’s manual is an absolute must for summer driving. Motor oil fights against corrosion and lubricates the moving parts within the engine. This helps keep the engine from overheating. Summer’s extreme heat puts more pressure on engine oil, so don’t wait to take care of a needed oil change. This will keep deteriorated, debris-filled oil from damaging your engine.

3. Tire Care

Fluctuating temperatures can have a negative impact on your tire pressure. As such, check tire pressure levels regularly to ensure they are properly inflated. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for tire alignment checks and tire rotations. This will decrease tire wear and minimize your risk of a blowout when going on an end-of-the-summer road trip.


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