When decorating a business space, you have many options to create the ambiance and environment that you want. If you are looking for a unique, eye-catching way to spruce up the space, purchasing original paintings is an excellent choice. These are pieces of art that are created directly by the artist in their studio, which means there is often only one copy. If you are interested in pursuing this route, below are several advantages of purchasing original pieces.

Why Should You Buy Original Paintings for a Business?

1. Contributes to a Unique Appearance

Art beautifies a space, whether you own a retail store, restaurant, or office. Original paintings help you create a unique interior that stands out to customers and employees, which is difficult for rival companies to duplicate. Anyone who enters your commercial space will marvel at the interesting decorations and may even comment that they have never seen such work elsewhere. They might even be tempted to take pictures of the art and tag your business on social media, which helps increase brand awareness.

2. Supports Local Artists

original paintings

As a small business, supporting the community around you helps you make a name and stand out among competitors. Purchasing original paintings from local artists puts money back into the economy and allows these talented individuals to continue making art. Aside from the positive feeling, you can also market your business as one that’s involved in the community. Many consumers prefer patronizing businesses that support local projects, which typically means more revenue for you.

3. Provides Talking Points

When you have interesting, eye-catching decorations, customers and clients are more likely to speak with employees about the pieces that you display. Having conversations about the art or artist helps them see your business as an informal community hotspot where they can have engaging discussions. The talking points can even provide marketing benefits. For example, if you run a retail store, shoppers are more likely to talk about your business with family members when they discuss the beautiful interior, improving your reputation.


If you need help purchasing original paintings and displaying them in your business, contact The Art Company in Cincinnati, OH. These art consultants have been enhancing commercial spaces since 1983, connecting entrepreneurs with local, regional, and national artists. They can even help you select the best lighting and framing options for the pieces. Call (513) 651-5092 to speak with a consultant, and visit the website to learn more about their team.