wild bird feeders

While many people view birds as beautiful, colorful additions to the yard, these feathered creatures also provide a variety of benefits for your backyard. Installing wild bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses around the property not only improves the health of the environment in your yard but has been documented attracting birds and watching them just a few minutes a day will even improve your mental well-being. Below are several benefits of creating an oasis for birds in your backyard 

Why Should You Invite Birds to Your Backyard?

1. Birds Control Pests

Birds consume a variety of insect pests such as slugs, aphids, mosquitoes, grub worms and others. They help control unwanted insects in your vegetable garden. They will also eat from your wild bird feeders supplementing their diet with wild bird feed and suet. Birds provide an inexpensive, natural form of pest control. This can help protect the plants around your property as there will be fewer insects to feed on the leaves, flowers, fruit trees and vegetable garden.

2. Birds are Pollinators 

Many birds naturally, or inadvertently, spread pollen grains from male to female plants as they move among different trees and shrubs. This encourages efficient, vigorous vegetation growth, and is especially beneficial if you grow vegetables or fruits. Other birds sip flower nectar, such as hummingbirds, causing pollen to stick to their bills and spread to other plants as they move between your vegetation. The more greenery that undergoes pollination on your property, the more colorful and lush the grounds will appear. 

3. Birds Provide Seed Dispersal 

Many birds cache away seeds in the ground or bury nuts. Those which birds don't retrieve blossom into plants and trees expanding and maintaining habitats. Birds will feed on the berries and fruits of plants then disperse the undigested seed to the ground where they will grow into healthy plants. Since birds are extremely mobile they may disperse those seeds miles from where they fed on the berries creating new wildlife habitats.  

4. Birds Help Reduce Weeds

If you attract sparrows, finches and a variety of granivorous birds (birds that eat seeds) to the property, their diet includes the seeds of invasive plants. This means they will prevent unwanted plants from spreading across the lawn and garden, allowing your flowers to thrive without having to compete for sunlight, oxygen, soil nutrients, or water. This also helps you save time because you won't have to remove the weeds manually. Birds provide a natural way to control weeds without the use of dangerous herbicides.

5. Watching Birds Relieves Stress

Watching birds and listening to them sing helps reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, providing a natural way to boost your mental and emotional well-being. You can watch the birds from the windows of your home, sit on the deck or patio outside to observe them closely, or walk through your yard enjoying birds and the natural community you created. Enjoying nature outdoors allows your body to absorb more vitamin D. It fills your lungs with fresh air. The color and texture of the landscape is pleasing to the eye. And the melodious bird calls and songs, especially in the early morning, provides a calming

 chorus for the ear.  All this leads to further relaxation while making us realize we are a part of this natural world.

6. Installing Habitat for Birds Increases Property Value

Planting wildlife habitat improves the bio diversity in your backyard. Habitat will attract birds that are not so much interested in the wild bird feed, but the food and shelter you offer them in shrubs and trees. This includes many voracious insect eating birds. Pollinator gardens help to increase the beneficial insects. And a yard with landscape features such as trees, shrubs, and flower gardens, increases the value of the property. So if you have plans to landscape, why not "birdscape" your backyard and make it a sanctuary for birds adding not just value to your property, but value to your daily life as well.

Getting Started

Attracting birds to your backyard is as easy as throwing a handful of wild bird feed on the ground. But at Wild Bird Habitat we recommend using bird feeders to attract birds. Different birds have certain feeding characteristics and different types of wild bird feeders will satisfy and attract a larger variety. You can learn about the different bird feeders and best wild bird feeds for each at The 7 Basic backyard Bird Feeders. And creating wildlife habitat with plants and shrubs is not only beneficial for the birds, but to you as well. A great publication available at Wild Bird Habitat is Carroll Henderson's Landscaping For Wildlife. Additional information at Landscaping For Birds

When you want to purchase wild bird feeders and bird baths, contact Wild Bird Habitat Store in Lincoln, NE. This store has been serving residents throughout southeast and central Nebraska, northern Kansas, and western Iowa since 1993, providing a full range of products to help you attract birds to the property. Call (402) 420-2553 to speak with a team member about your needs, and visit them online to place an order. Follow them on Facebook for more tips and advice.