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Wild Bird Habitat Store
5601 S 56th St., #7, Lincoln, NE 68516

About Wild Bird Habitat Store

Sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air is a relaxing way to get in touch with nature. Elevate this experience by bringing birds to your yard with a bird feeder from the Wild Bird Habitat Store in Lincoln, NE. This family owned and operated store has been in business since 1993, bringing joy and an increased appreciation and awareness for birds to all those who enter their doors.


Browse a large and diverse selection of bird feeders in all shapes and sizes to find the one that will work best for you. Pair these feeders with various seeds, nectars, suet, and other types of foods to tempt all kinds of birds to your yard. In addition to bird feeders, this shop sells a selection of birdhouses specifically designed to cater to different species of birds.


To give birds another reason to spend time on your property and add a sense of timelessness and magic to your yard, consider buying a birdbath. Heated birdbaths and individual birdbath heaters are available to give birds a warm and cozy place to shake off winter debris. You can also purchase a mister or dripper to upgrade your current birdbath. 


If you’re looking for a way to block squirrels from hopping onto your bird feeders, ask about squirrel baffles or make sure squirrels have their own special treat. This store sells items specifically for squirrels, keeping them away from your feeders. Other houses and feeders are available for insects, butterflies, and bats.


For high-quality bird feed and a plethora of bird feeders and accessories, stop by Wild Bird Habitat Store. Call (402) 420-2553 or visit them online to learn more.