Garage doors can fascinate children, especially those that open and close with the click of a button. Since these doors weigh hundreds of pounds and can cause serious, if not fatal, injuries when they are compromised, keeping kids away from yours is essential. Follow these tips to prevent unwanted injuries.

How to Ensure Your Child is Safe Near the Garage Doors 

1. Place the Remote Out Of Reach

Always keep the remote control out of reach, such as on a high shelf or other hidden areas unknown to your children. Do not let them play with the remote and try not to use it too much in their presence. If you do have to use the clicker in front of your kids frequently, stress that it’s not a toy while you use it. 

2. Practice Garage Door Safety in Front Of Them

garage doorSet a good example regarding garage door safety, as children typically imitate their parents. Maintain a safe distance when the door is moving and make certain no one is standing in the way before opening or closing it. Keep your hands out of section joints and never attempt to repair sensitive and highly dangerous parts such as the cables and springs. 

3. Review Door Components Together

Go over the most dangerous parts of the garage door with your children, including the spring system and lifting cables. Avoid using words and phrases they may not understand, such as “torsion.” Emphasize words such as “heavy weight,” “crash,” and “pressure” instead.

4. Assign “Door Duty” to Older Children

If you have older as well as younger children, put the elder kids in charge of garage door safety during backyard play times. Make it clear that your older children are in charge of keeping the younger ones away from the door to avoid things such as running in and out of the garage as it opens and closes.

5. Perform Monthly Inspections

Inspect the door every month and look for broken springs and cables, check the pulleys and rollers for wear, and test the reversing mechanism by placing a piece of wood or another object in the door’s path. The door should automatically reverse when it comes in contact with the object. If it doesn’t or you notice any other issues, contact your local garage door contractor immediately. Do not attempt spring, cable, or any other repairs yourself, something to emphasize to your children while scheduling professional maintenance.



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