Dogs have it rough when it comes to getting sick. They can’t tell their owners where they’re hurting or when they aren’t feeling well. That is why owners should look out for them to make sure they stay healthy and aren’t in situations where they could contract a harmful illness. The best step is to talk to your veterinarian about different ways to protect your dog. One precaution you can take is to vaccinate your dog based on your veterinarian’s recommendations. The Lyme disease vaccine is one that is recommended by many vets, and here are a few reasons why.

How the Lyme Disease Vaccine Helps Your Pet

1. Your Dog Isn’t the Only One That Likes to be Outside

Lyme disease is a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi that passes from a tick to your pet. When you're out camping, hunting, or hiking, your pet might be susceptible to getting a tick that is carrying the bacteria. While there are many lines of products to prevent ticks from attaching to your animal, they could still be at risk of exposure. 

2. It’s Hard to Tell When Your Dog Has Been Infected

VeterinariansYou might not see signs of Lyme disease for several months after your dog has been infected. If you vaccinate your dog, you won’t have to worry about your dog contracting something months after your last camping trip. 

3. Lyme Disease Could Do Permanent Damage to Their System

There are different stages of severity in Lyme disease. Acute Lyme disease might consist of symptoms like fever and fatigue and is treated quickly. Then there are subacute Lyme disease symptoms such as arthritis and inflamed joints. While severe symptoms are only prevalent in rare cases of chronic Lyme disease, they can include neurologic signs of stress, arthritis, and kidney damage. Lyme disease is curable with medicine, but you can also prevent this disease with a veterinarian-recommended vaccine.


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