A room addition is an excellent opportunity to add usable, functional space to the home. This can be a significant project depending on the scope of the work, and preparing for the contractors to arrive will create the best situation for your family. Here are several strategies to follow in the days and weeks before the planned project.

What Should You Do When Planning a Room Addition?

1. Create Storage

A lot of materials go into room additions, and the general contractor will need a place to keep everything. Clear an area near the build site where they can set lumber, bricks, and tools. This allows the project to proceed quickly, as your contractors won't have to constantly retrieve items from a truck. If you are including tile or hardwood flooring in the new area, clear a place in your garage for these materials. This protects these sensitive items from inclement weather and humidity issues that can damage them.

2. Inform Your Neighbors

room addition

If you’re building close to the property line, tell your neighbor about the project. Explain the design plans so that they understand the process and can agree that you aren’t encroaching on the property line. This will avoid a costly, time-consuming legal dispute. It’s also polite to share the timeline, as this project can involve considerable noise. Letting your neighbors know about the plans a week or two in advance gives them time to prepare for the construction.

3. Create a Plan

Home remodeling can come with lifestyle adjustments. The noise could be distracting if you work from home, so consider renting a desk in a coworking space until the project is complete. Also, schedule playdates or trips to the park for pets and children so that they don't interfere with the construction.

You may also need to rethink rooms. For example, if you’re expanding the kitchen, you may not have access to your appliances, so set up a temporary food storage and preparation area elsewhere. If you’re building on to the master bedroom, sleep in the guestroom until the project is complete.


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