From a stunning spray of wildflowers to an elegant assortment of lilies or roses, the flowers you choose for your wedding help set the scene for the entire occasion. Before you meet with your florist, consider the following do’s and don'ts to help you pick the perfect blooms for your big day.


Be realistic with your budget.

Flowers can be expensive, especially for those considering out-of-season blooms or designer varieties such as peonies, gardenias, or hydrangeas. Before meeting with your florist or wedding planner, establish a budget and present it upfront to avoid any surprises or letdowns once the bill comes. 

Provide your florist with images and inspiration.

weddingsSet your florist up for success by providing images of floral designs you love. Find inspiration for your big day in online mood boards, magazines, and wedding blogs. Provide color swatches of your attendants’ dresses and tie fabrics as well as images of your dress and venue to let your florist know what palettes you’re using. 


Choose flowers that aren't in season.

While out-of-season flowers can be shipped from remote destinations in time for your wedding, you'll likely pay a premium and risk buying flowers that may wilt or die in inhospitable climates. Choosing those in season guarantees a fair price and flowers that can withstand the weather in your area.

Pick overly fragrant flowers.

Overpowering floral arrangements can trigger allergies or scent sensitivity among your guests. For outdoor ceremonies, fragrant flowers are less likely to cause an issue, but when it comes to a seated reception, leave the heady aromas off the table.

Some fragrant flowers include lilies, freesias, garden roses, and peonies. If your heart is set on any of these varieties, speak with your florist about low-scent alternatives that provide a similar look.


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