Millions of American adults experience full or partial tooth loss due to age, lifestyle, illness, or other causes. Dentures, a removable full or partial set of false teeth, are a standard treatment option, but some people are reluctant to get them due to common misconceptions. If you are among those who aren't sure if you want to replace your missing teeth this way, consider the truth behind these misconceptions. 

Don't Let These Myths Prevent You From Getting Dentures 

1. Dentures Look Fake 

In the past, it was often easy to tell if someone had false teeth. However, today's dentures look and feel like natural teeth, and the only way others can tell you are wearing them is if they are ill-fitting. Dentists use digital imaging to create the molds for your dentures, and modern manufacturing techniques and materials ensure that your replacement teeth resemble real teeth.

2. Dentures Are Uncomfortable


Dentures that haven't been properly fitted are likely to cause discomfort. There is an adjustment period when you first get them where you might experience some irritation, but you will adjust to how they feel within a few weeks. Communicating with your dentist about any issues with the dentures lets them make adjustments for a comfortable fit. 

3. Dental Implants Are a Better Choice

Dental implants, in which a post is surgically implanted into your jaw bone and a crown attached to replace a missing tooth, are a good option for some patients. However, if you are missing several or all of your teeth, implants may not be a practical solution. Dentures are also a better solution for patients with conditions that make implants impractical or risky, such as people with diabetes or extensive jaw bone loss. 

4. False Teeth Require a Lot of Care 

Taking care of your dentures is no more difficult than regular brushing and flossing. Each night, dentures require removal for cleaning, and then they are soaked overnight while you sleep. Regular visits to the dentist to check your fit and ensure your gums are healthy are necessary; otherwise, no special care is needed. 

5. Dentures Fall Out Frequently 

Although popular culture might create the impression that your false teeth could come flying out at any moment, it is highly unlikely. When you have a properly fitted set of teeth and use adequate adhesive when needed, they will stay put during everyday activities.  


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