The global pandemic has likely brought tremendous changes to your daily routine. However, many people are surprised to discover the impact COVID-19 has had on factors such as local ecosystems. For homeowners, changes to pest behaviors have called for a greater emphasis on rodent control in recent months. Here’s what you need to know about handling rodents during the coronavirus pandemic. 

How Rodent Behavior Has Changed During the Pandemic

It’s not the coronavirus itself that has prompted changes in rodent behavior. Instead, it’s the human response to the pandemic that has indirectly caused an upswing in pest problems. 

During the height of the pandemic, many businesses in the food service industry were shuttered. Rodents that once relied on a steady supply of waste produced by these businesses have had to seek food elsewhere. Pests may therefore be more likely to turn to residences in search of food and water. 

More people are having the majority of their meals in their own houses. This can lead to a quicker accumulation of food waste, takeout containers, and other debris that will attract rodents. Because some people were initially hesitant to call for services such as rodent control due to social-distancing measures, pest problems may have intensified over time.

What You Can Do About Pest Problems

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The best way to approach rodent problems is by preventing them from happening in the first place. Start by sealing any potential entry points, such as gaps near doors and windows, with caulk. Look for and repair any holes in your window screens, and keep the garage doors closed as much as possible. 

Be especially careful when storing and disposing of food. Avoid having any open containers, such as packages of chips, cookies, or other snacks, as well as boxes of pasta or bags of flour. Use resealable containers with lids to store any opened perishables. The same goes for your garbage cans; keep trash stored in a container with a lid so that pests can’t smell or access your food waste. 

Social distancing and personal protective equipment can greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. You can still have services performed in your home as long as all parties follow proper protocols. If you notice any activities that could suggest a problem, such as droppings or actual animal sightings, be sure to call for rodent control promptly to prevent a full-blown infestation. 


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