Even if you are diligent about throwing away food scraps, sealing entries to the home, and cleaning up your basement, you may still have to deal with a pest infestation. When this happens, the best way to address it is with prompt, professional pest control. When looking for a provider, you have two main treatment methods to choose from: traditional and alternative. Here’s what you need to know about each one to make the right choice.

How Are They Different?

The difference between traditional and alternative pest control treatments is the method used. While both aim to eradicate pests, the traditional method relies on pesticides and other chemicals to eliminate the infestation. While this is effective, the chemicals are toxic to people and pets and can contaminate food and water inside the home. On the other hand, alternative pest control avoids the downsides typically associated with traditional methods. For example, your provider may use a combination of electricity, heat, and natural substances to eradicate pests, depending on the treatment needed.

What Are Alternative Pest Control Methods?

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One popular alternative method is using heat lamps and fans to kill bugs in the home. Providers will blow hot air at 140 degrees into affected places for at least an hour, which eliminates termites, bed bugs, and other insects because they cannot survive the intense heat. Termites are also vulnerable to electricity, so directing electrical currents to localized areas of infestation targets the water inside the termites, killing them immediately.

Alternative pest control also focuses on preventing future issues. For example, applying borate to the wooden structure of a home can deter termites for up to 50 years. Borate is a form of highly concentrated salt that is harmful to bugs yet gentle for use around humans. The use of plant-derived treatments in controlling pests is also considered an alternative method. Often, these plants contain natural ingredients that ward off or target bugs, preventing them from entering your home.

Why Should You Choose Alternative Pest Control?

Contrary to common misconceptions, alternative methods are highly efficient. This means that they can effectively solve your infestation and prevent future issues from occurring. They are also gentle on people and pets, which means you don't have to worry about chemicals hurting your family members. Plus, they are eco-friendly, so the environment around your home won't experience any negative effects of the treatment.


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