In 1996, Gutter King opened for business with one goal in mind. It is their mission to protect homes on Oahu and the outer islands with expert gutter installation and gutter maintenance services. While they specialize in creating custom rain gutter systems, they are also general gutter contractors who can help with repairs and other issues. If your gutters need to be cleaned, here are four safety tips the Gutter King team tells their customers:

Safety First: Performing any chore high above ground can be dangerous. Before climbing a ladder to get to your gutters, inspect your ladder thoroughly to make sure it’s in perfect working condition. Check the bolts and screws and remember to take breaks if your muscles start to fatigue or if it’s a particularly warm day.

Protect Your Hands: Before you start the gutter cleaning process, invest in some thick, sturdy work gloves. The last thing you want to do is to touch dirty leaf debris or bird droppings with your hands. Wearing gloves will help you avoid harmful bacteria and can protect you from getting cuts and scratches.

Invest In Rubber Shoes: If you think part of your gutter cleaning process will require you to walk on top of your roof, consider wearing rubber soled shoes. Rubber soles will adhere to the roof surface best and will help you avoid serious slip-and-fall accidents.

Wear Eye Protection: When it comes to cleaning gutters and downspouts, you never know what you might find. As a result, eye protection is a must. Remember, if you’re removing a clog, rushing water and plant debris are just the beginning. In some cases, gutter contractors have found birds, flying insects, or even rats hiding behind a clogged downspout.

If you need a new rain gutter system for your home, or if your existing one is in need of repairs, call Gutter King today at (808) 621-5115. Check out their website for more information on the company and their services.