On sticky, humid days, your home relies on cool air for a retreat from the hot weather. An air conditioning system's compressor is one of the main components for delivering this consistent comfort. The component does so by pressurizing refrigerant so that it can absorb unwanted heat from the house's interior and release it outside. When the compressor isn't working properly, damage to the HVAC system can occur if it's not addressed. Here's how you can tell when issues have emerged. 

What Are the Signs of a Faulty AC Compressor?

1. Warm Air Output

If you notice warm air flow—even while allowing the AC to run for a bit—a failing compressor that isn't pumping enough refrigerant into the system could be the culprit. Refrigerant leaks may also be the cause of a gradual loss of cooling power. If warm air is a frequent occurrence, have your unit checked by a licensed HVAC specialist to determine the problem and make the necessary repairs. 

2. Unusually Loud Sounds


When an air compressor is operating properly, you should expect to hear a low hum. However, strange sounds coming from the component could mean it's nearing its expiration point. 

Pay attention to loud rattling or screeching noises. From a faulty fan motor to internal electrical device issues, the causes can vary. To prevent extensive damage and a complete AC unit shutdown, have it thoroughly inspected by a professional. 

3. Frequent Vibrations

Vigorous shaking within an AC unit is not normal. If the system is vibrating aggressively after it's turned on, the compressor is likely struggling to activate. This is a warning that the component is about to cease operation. Turn the unit off to prevent any potential fire hazards and schedule an HVAC repair appointment to save the compressor from permanent damage. 


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