If you work from home often, having a dedicated office space is necessary to separate your personal and work time. However, without the right home office furniture, this space can feel uncomfortable. Ensure that you’re set up for success with these essential items.

What Home Office Furniture Do You Need?

1. Desk

Your desk will likely be the core piece in your office, so it should be both comfortable and pull the other items together. Before you make your purchase, measure the space where the desk will go to assure the right dimensions. Next, consider the different styles available. Do you want a simple writing desk? Maybe you're an artist or designer and require a tilt-top table. If you need a computer and multiple screens, a larger L-desk with a built-in storage cabinet might be more appropriate. You could also benefit from a built-in keyboard drawer.

2. Chairhome office furniture

If you'll be spending a lot of time at a desk, a chair is the next piece of home office furniture you should purchase. Look for office chairs that offer adjustable lumbar support to prevent back strain. It should also allow you to adjust the base height, arm width, and back angle, so you can find the best sitting position. A wheel and swivel base are also useful features as they will let you move on the carpet and turn easily to grab items around the office.

3. Bookcase

Keeping your home office organized will help you to stay more focused while working. A bookcase is often the right combination of storage and design. As with your desk, measure the space beforehand to determine the best size. If you have a lot of books and binders, multiple shelves will be useful. However, if you need storage for items you'd rather keep covered, look for a bookcase that offers shelves and cabinet space. 


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