Parents want to create bedrooms for their children that are safe, imaginative, and functional. Choosing the right bedroom furniture for children requires a little forethought to ensure that your little ones get the full value out of every piece. Here are three tips for decorating your kids’ rooms so you’ll both love their new space.

How to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom 

1. Consider the Square Footage

A baby room may host a crib and little else, as the child won’t spend much time awake in the room. But as they age, kids need more square footage to encourage independent play. For their first real bedroom, choose a space that allows for a twin bed, a dresser, and room to play. Measure the room so you can gauge what furniture will fit without making it feel cramped. Account for an extra foot of open space around the bed, so it’s easy for your child to get in and out. 

2. Keep Growth in Mind

bedroom furnitureMany families purchase clothing that is a little too big for their kids so they can wear the pieces while they grow. Follow this philosophy while buying bedroom furniture, too. 

Look for pieces that will be functional for years to come while still meeting the child’s needs right now. A toddler can enjoy the bottom bunk of a bunk bed if you install a railing. As they age, they may swap to the taller bed and remove the bottom one to create space for a desk or couch.

3. Choose a Color Palette

Your toddler or teen may wake up and decide they no longer like the main color in their room, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase new bedroom furniture and completely redo the space. When decorating, try using one neutral color and three or four accent hues. If your child changes their mind as they grow, you can easily nix one of these colors and replace it with something that’s already in the palette without causing a clash.


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