Whether your pipes burst or your home floods during a storm, it’s only a matter of time before excess moisture takes a toll. However, when you schedule water damage restoration services promptly, you’ll avoid certain issues, such as mold buildup, odors, and furniture destruction. Refer to the following guide on how water damage affects your home over time. 

How Fast Does Water Affect Your Home?

Initial Issues

Within the first few minutes of exposure to contaminated water, your furniture begins to bleach, and upholstery colors can bleed into your carpeting. After several hours, furniture delaminates and swells while bad odors become prominent. Once a few days pass, mold and mildew start growing as wood flooring begins to warp. Paint and wallpaper peel, and wooden beams deteriorate, compromising your home’s structural integrity. 

Longer-Term Problems

water damage restorationIf water damage goes untreated for several weeks, mold and mildew will grow deeper into your carpets, fabrics, wooden features, and other materials. At this point, continuing to occupy the property will result in allergy issues, asthma flare-ups, and potentially serious health hazards. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to save many of your belongings, and you may even need to gut your home before completely renovating it.

Why You Need Water Damage Restoration

The best thing to do is call a water damage restoration company as soon as you notice the first signs of moisture infiltration. They will remove salvageable items from your home and ensure the damage doesn’t progress. True experts will keep your insurance claim to a minimum and reduce the out-of-pocket amount you have to spend on repairs. They’ll restore your home to its original condition, allowing you to move back in as soon as possible.


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