When a doctor prescribes medication, you usually have some expectation about how long and how often to take it. If you’re due for surgery, a specialist can estimate the length of the healing process. But when you visit a chiropractor for holistic care, it can be difficult to tell how long treatment will take. If you’re curious about what to expect from chiropractic care, the following guide can offer more details.

How Long Should I Expect Treatment to Last?

Through chiropractic adjustments and other services, these musculoskeletal doctors can treat a myriad of conditions—including sports injuries, headaches, whiplash, and back pain. However, since this care is carefully tailored to the needs of the patient, there is no hard-and-fast rule on treatment length.

If you’re experiencing an acute issue—such as muscle soreness, you may only require one or two sessions. However, most injury treatment plans will cover a period of three to six weeks. Chronic conditions, such as arthritis and degenerative disc disease, tend to require ongoing treatment to maintain joint and tissue health.

What Happens During Chiropractic Appointments?

chiropractorChiropractic visits typically begin with a review of your symptoms and physical wellness. Through the physical evaluation, the chiropractor will pinpoint the source of symptoms and determine where to direct treatment.

During a chiropractic adjustment, the provider will place you in a position to comfortably access the area where the joints have become misaligned. Usually, this misalignment occurs along the spine. They will then use various techniques to apply targeted force and help guide joints back into place, and in turn, restore nervous system health. Over time, the chiropractor will continue to monitor your progress. If symptoms do not improve, new techniques may be necessary.

How Can I Keep My Body Healthy Between Adjustments?

Your chiropractor may provide you with steps on how to care for your body between adjustments. The better you follow these steps, the more thorough your recovery process can be. Depending on your underlying condition, your provider may instruct you to perform daily stretches and physical therapy exercises to strengthen your muscles for better joint support and flexibility.

They may also recommend a special diet to help reduce inflammation and minimize excess weight pressure. If you have a misalignment, you’ll also need to practice posture correction. This may be achieved by wearing support devices, such as braces or lumbar pillows.


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