While all home improvement projects aim to make your house more desirable, not all renovations have a return on investment (ROI). By being selective and opting for projects like kitchen remodeling or upgraded bathroom cabinets and fixtures, you will beautify your home while also protecting your wallet. The guide below offers some suggestions.

What Renovations Have a Worthwhile Return on Investment?

1. Deck or Patio Addition

If you have extra room in your backyard, try adding an outdoor living area. Building a wooden deck or laying pavers for a patio can add more usable entertainment space to your property, which is useful as a selling point. According to FortuneBuilders, a wooden deck can recoup up to 80.5% of the initial cost upon resale.

2. New Front Entrance

Turning your front door into a grand entrance can have a lasting effect that charms houseguests and potential buyers alike. Replace your front door with a newer model for added curb appeal, better home energy efficiency, and added security.

3. Upgraded Bathroom

kitchen remodelingBy using a neutral color palette and upscale fixtures, you can make a bathroom look modern and chic on a relatively low budget. Updates like new wood cabinets or granite countertops can further increase the appeal without uprooting plumbing or tearing down any walls.

4. Modernized Kitchen Design

Kitchen remodeling can provide a fresh look without the added cost of demolishing and rebuilding an entire room. Upgrades like new cabinets and countertops, a fresh coat of paint, and updated appliances can transform your kitchen and make it desirable for potential buyers.


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