Gifting a watch is an excellent way to show your love and appreciation towards someone. It's possible to find the perfect piece at a pawn shop, as they offer various styles and price points. If you're having difficulty selecting one, make the shopping experience easier by using the tips outlined in the guide below.

How to Pick the Perfect Watch at a Pawn Shop

1. Set a Budget

Consider how much you can spend before you shop for a watch. Setting a reasonable range ensures you walk away from the purchase feeling positive and proud and streamline the shopping process. Keep in mind the amount you spend will vary depending on the type of watch. The cost of a rare vintage piece may range in the hundreds, while a simpler modern watch could average around $50 to $75. To save time, let the pawnbroker know your budget before browsing.

2. Consider Their Style

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Watches come in many styles, from sleek and dainty to sporty and masculine. As you shop, consider the recipient's style and take cues from their existing jewelry collection or clothing style. For instance, if they wear flowing dresses and pearl necklaces, a classic vintage watch will fit into their wardrobe perfectly. If they prefer bold prints and loud colors, look for a trendy piece with a unique watch face.

3. Evaluate the Size of the Watch Face

Most watch faces range in size from 28 to 46 millimeters, depending on the size and gender of the wearer. They play an important role in the watch's overall appearance, so consider how it will fit on the recipient's wrist when browsing. For example, if your loved one is small and prefers a more subtle style, a smaller watch face will be more comfortable for them. 


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