Visiting a pawn shop for the first time can seem intimidating, especially since pawn shops tend to have a bad reputation. However, most pawn shops are run by trustworthy owners. Whether you want to find a good deal on jewelry or you’re looking to sell gold, pawn shops can be fun places to visit. To put your mind at ease, here are a few do’s and don’ts when visiting a pawn shop.  


sell gold

Bring important paperwork. 

If you are selling something, bring any paperwork you have showing authenticity or even a photo of proof that it is real. It will be easier for the pawn shop to give you a good deal when they know that the item is authentic. If you are getting a fast loan, you will probably need your driver’s license and any other personal paperwork you have.  

Be ready to haggle.

Haggling is common in pawn shops when selling or buying. Do some research beforehand so you know how much you are willing to sell gold for, or how much you want to spend on the item you are purchasing. Don’t worry about offending anyone by asking for a different price, and have fun with it. 


Sell collectible sets individually.

When trying to sell gold that comes in a set or any other collectible item, it is worth more in the set than the pieces are individually. Try to sell the complete set rather than single items to get more money for your items. 

Take things personally.

Selling items can feel emotional, especially if you have a personal or familial attachment to the items. It is common for offers not to get accepted, so don’t take it personally if you aren’t getting the price that you feel the item is worth. Keep in mind that the pawn shop is a business trying to make money, and they don’t have the same emotions around items that you do. 

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