Whether you're in search of a unique piece of jewelry or want to sell something you already own, pawn shops have so much to offer. However, patrons are encouraged to negotiate with the owners of these shops to ensure a fair bargain is struck. This process can be a little intimidating when it's your first time, so here are a few things you can do for a successful transaction. 

3 Etiquette Tips When Dealing With a Pawn Broker

1. Realize You Probably Won't Get the Full Price

Pawn brokers rarely offer the full market value of an item to sellers. Depreciation may be an issue, which means the item might have more defects and wear as compared to a brand new piece. Additionally, most shops simply can't afford to pay full price for an item because their profit will be diminished as a result. 

A good shop owner will offer a fair price, meaning that it reflects the current value of a piece but also allows them to turn a profit to keep their business afloat. 

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2. Research the Item Before Visiting

If you're not sure how much an item is worth before buying or selling, you won't be able to determine if an offer is acceptable. That's why you should do a little research before stopping by the pawn shop, whether you're selling or buying. Having an idea of how much an item is worth ensures you won't pay more during a transaction or won't accept a lower price than is reasonable when selling. 

3. Be Kind and Courteous During Negotiations

Once you have the right information and you're ready to visit a shop, maintain a kind and courteous demeanor. While it's OK to be firm during negotiations and know what you want, there's no need to act disrespectfully or assume the shop owner is not dealing with you in good faith. Being respectful is just the right thing to do, and it's more likely to garner the result you want. If you feel the negotiation is not going anywhere, feel free to take your business elsewhere. 


Based in Chinatown and serving Honolulu, A Happy Pawn offers a fair and friendly negotiation process for customers. This pawn shop has served the community since 1988 and features a wide range of goods. They accept gold, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items, all of which command accurate rates based on their worth. You'll also be impressed by their friendly demeanor and professional approach. Stop by today or call (808) 383-5253 to learn more about their process. You can also visit the website for more information on their services.