If you’re looking for some extra cash, take a quick tour through the house. The total value of unused items in garages, basements, and closets across the U.S. is around $93 billion, and knowing where to look for cash value can result in a lucrative trip to a pawnshop. Use this list to learn more about some of the surprisingly valuable items lying around your home.

3 Valuable Belongings You Can Pawn for Cash

1. Classic Stereo Equipment

Older audio formats, like LPs, cassette tapes, and even 8-tracks, have seen a surprising resurgence in recent years. As a result, turntables, tape decks, boomboxes, and Walkmans® from the 70s and 80s are attractive items to pawnshops. Before you take the equipment in, ensure the items are working and dust or wipe down the plastic surfaces.

2. Designer Clothing

pawnshopEven if it’s from a few seasons ago, clothing and handbags with designer labels retain a fair amount of value due to their rarity, especially if they’re vintage. High-end brands, like Gucci®, Chanel®, or Dolce & Gabbana®, are excellent finds for fashion enthusiasts and costumers. Prepare these items for sale by ensuring they’re clean, free of tears or damage, and that the label can still be found inside.

3. Silver & Gold

If you have a few pieces of silver laying at the bottom of the utensil drawer, they’re likely to have some value. It’s also worth considering selling gold or silver necklaces and rings that you’ve inherited but don’t wear. Clean your precious metals with a soft cloth and dish soap or a specialized polish before bringing them to the shop.


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