Your shower door is an important feature that can play a large role in the overall design of your bathroom. Over time, however, a variety of factors can lead to wear and tear that affects its appearance and usability. Here's a guide to help you determine when it's time to replace yours.

When Should You Replace Your Shower Door?

1. Surface Blemishes

Glass becomes weaker with age, leading to deterioration. Even if you’ve regularly cleaned your shower and kept it free of damage, the surface will likely develop cracks and chips as the material wears down. This is not only an eyesore, but it's also a possible safety hazard, as the glass is more likely to break. To protect your family and other bathroom appliances, it’s best to replace the door when you start noticing minor cracks or chips.

2. Corroded Frame

shower doors

Metal frames are often part of shower doors, as well. The metal, however, is prone to rust after years of consistent exposure to the moisture and humidity of regular bathroom use. Besides its unsightly appearance, rust also affects the function and structural integrity of the door, making it more likely to fall off or resist opening and closing properly. While you may be able to replace just the frame, it's often simpler to replace the whole door.

3. Functional Issues

The seals and gaskets in your shower door may gradually become misaligned along the tract after years of use and wear. This will prevent the door from fully or smoothly opening and closing. It also usually means that the door doesn’t fit well enough inside the tract to prevent water from leaking, meaning you may find puddles on the floor after every shower. This presents a slipping hazard, and the floor may develop water damage, as well, so it's important to schedule a prompt replacement to keep your bathroom safe.


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