Did you know that rain can actually flood your septic tank? Even if your tank isn't at capacity, heavy rainfall will flood your drain field, and, if unable to drain properly, seep into your septic tank. Your septic tank can then overflow, causing slow tub draining or even toilet backups. To help you avoid this catastrophe, Great Bear Septic Service, in Mahopac, NY, recommends that you schedule septic pumping before the spring rainy season in Putnam County begins. 

Great Bear Septic Service has answered a few common questions about septic tank flooding below:


  • How Can You Avoid Drain Field Saturation? It isn't just rain that can saturate a drain field. Leaking swimming pools, water sprinklers, and anything else that uses water outside can contribute to saturation. Keep an eye on your water use, not just for the environment's sake, but for the sake of your own household. You should also keep trees and shrubs far away from your septic system and relocate ones that are already too close.
  • How Can You Avoid Tank Flooding & Clogging? Indoor water use matters just as much as outdoor use, if not more. Wasteful activities like excessive showering and toilet flushing can eventually overload a septic tank. Flushing or draining non-biodegradable substances will also clog your tank, so try to use septic-safe products.
  • How Often Should You Get Your Septic Tank Pumped? Generally, your tank should get pumped every few years, but this varies by lifestyle. Large households, especially those that use a garbage disposal, should expect to pump their septic tank at least once every two years. By keeping track of all of your septic pumping services over the years, you can determine the best schedule for your home. But, because of the potential for tank flooding, try to schedule your septic pumping before the rainy season comes.

Don't wait until it's already raining and your tank hits capacity to schedule septic pumping. While the weather is still dry, call Great Bear Septic Service at (845) 621-0250 to schedule septic pumping and protect yourself. To learn about Great Bear Septic Service's other Putnam County and Dutchess County services, you can visit the website.