When you need quality care for your family’s plumbing needs, choose Great Bear Septic Service, the best septic company in Mahopac, NY. With attentive, reliable service, these skilled technicians will cater to your home’s needs with the same urgency as they would their own. From grease trap cleaning to routine septic tank care, there’s no task they can’t handle. 

As the best septic company for your family, Great Bear Septic Service makes it their mission to remind you of your system’s needs. If you’re planning to do major work, like construction, in your yard this summer, these plumbing experts urge you to consider your septic tank’s location first.

best septic companyWhen you begin to flesh out an area for a patio or deck, it’s extremely important to maintain a safe distance from both your septic system and its drain field. Most homeowners are unaware of the exact location of their septic tank, which is the first step toward making a costly mistake.

Once you’ve learned exactly where your septic tank is, do not build over it. Every couple of years, the buildup of solids within your septic tank will require a septic tank pumping—a process that involves a pumper truck and a direct connection to the base of the tank. If you’ve built over your septic tank, septic workers won’t be able to reach it to pump out the waste, resulting in potential blockages and backflow into your home.

The drain field is the underground area which absorbs water that filters out from the tank, allowing soil and oxygen to work together in the process of evapotranspiration. Without access to oxygen, the cycle of your septic system will not be completed, and added pressure on the drain field could cause the entire line to collapse.

When modern life depends on functional plumbing, building over your septic system is simply too much of a risk to take. Call the best septic company in Mahopac at (845) 621-0250, or visit the website for more information on septic tank care.