Many people don’t fully understand how a septic tank works—even those who’ve lived with them for decades. That’s because, ideally, you don’t have to think too much about septic tank care on a daily basis. Many people only hire a septic contractor every few years or so.

Knowing more about how your system works can extend its life and help you avoid trouble, so below, Great Bear Septic Service—septic tank care specialists serving New York’s Putnam, Westchester, and southern Dutchess counties—explain a few key facts that can help you better understand your septic system.

5 Things You May Not Know About Septic Tank Care

Your Septic System Needs Bacteria

While we may want to keep bacteria out of our homes, they serve an important function in a septic system by helping to break down the contents of the tank through natural processes. Introducing too many harsh chemicals into your septic system can cause a biological imbalance and prevent beneficial bacteria from doing their jobs.

Not Everything Is Flushable

Avoid excessive chemicals and physical obstructions that can clog the works of your septic system. Anything other than human waste and toilet tissue poses some level of risk, and many products that claim to be “flushable,” like cat litter and hygiene products, are not actually compatible with proper septic tank care.

Your Tank Needs To Be Pumped Periodically

No matter how carefully you monitor what goes into your tank, it still needs to be pumped by a qualified septic service company on a regular basis. Most experts recommend septic pumping every three years, but depending on the size of your tank and your level of usage, you may need more frequent septic service.

Your Septic Drain Field Is Important

Septic tank careIn a well-designed system that has enjoyed proper septic care, water moves from the septic tank into a wider drain field through which it disperses. There should be little sign of the drain field’s presence on the surface, but problems—anything from clogs and bacterial imbalance to infrequent septic pumping and too-heavy water usage—can lead a drain field to bubble up and result in noticeable wetness at the surface.

The Plants Above Your Septic Field Matter

Deep roots can clog or damage your septic systems, so make sure that plant life above your tank and drain field consists of grass rather than trees or deep-rooted shrubs.

To keep your septic tank care on target, call a trusted contractor like Great Bear Septic Service in Mahopac, NY, for regular septic pumping and maintenance. Visit their website for more information or call (845) 621-0250 to schedule an appointment!