Since septic systems are underground and out of sight, many homeowners don’t know a lot about them. This causes widespread misconceptions about everything from septic pumping to repair. Serving Putnam County, NY, Great Bear Septic Service has been the region’s septic authority for over three decades. With a wealth of experience, the company is here to bust some common myths about septic systems. 

Here are five of the most common mistaken beliefs: 

  • It’s Time To Pump If Your Tank Is Full: While it may seem that a full tank needs to be drained, the important measure to look for is actually the amount of solids—not the liquids. Wastewater will easily pass out of the tank and into your leach field. If the sludge layer (the amount of solids) in the tank rises to a high level, however, then it’s advisable to schedule a septic pumping from Great Bear Septic Service. 
  • septic pumpingYou’ll Be Reported For Trouble: If you’re having difficulty with your septic tank, there is no reason for the septic company to contact the authorities. The only exception is if there is raw sewage throughout your property, but in that case, you’ll receive assistance to improve the situation. 
  • Repairing Your Tank Is Always Preferable To Pumping It: Actually, the reverse is usually true—septic pumping is significantly cheaper and easier than a repair job. Septic repair, on the other hand, means more labor and infrastructure adjustments. 
  • Since The Tank Is Underground, I Don’t Need To Worry About Disturbing It: Not only is it crucial to keep the surface area free so oxygen can be absorbed into your drain field, but it’s important to allow access for septic pumping. Building any structure or even encouraging heavy foot traffic across the area of your septic tank will cause problems. 
  • Tank Additives Are A Good Maintenance Technique: Some homeowners pour chemical additives down the drain. Despite what these products may advertise, they are no substitute for a regular septic pumping. Relying on the additives alone is a recipe for a clogged tank. 

If you’re having septic issues of any kind, reach out to Great Bear Septic Service for help. For all septic matters in Mahopac and Putnam County, call (845) 621-0250. To learn more about the company, check out their website