As with most things, maintenance is key to the health and longevity of your septic tank. Great Bear Septic Service in Mahopac, NY, offers septic solutions to prevent unpleasant, costly complications. If you are new to septic systems, take a moment to learn why routine septic pumping is the best thing you can do to keep your system functional.

Waste Separation

Your septic tank separates liquid from solid waste. This makes it possible for wastewater to drain into the adjoining absorption field. Solid waste sinks to the bottom of the septic tank to become sludge, lighter waste rises to the top of the tank, and wastewater comprises the middle of the tank. Lack of septic pumping allows solid and lighter waste to come together, causing it to drain into and clog the absorption field. When this occurs, replacing the tank is the only septic solution, as cleaning is superfluous. Regular septic service is the only way to avoid this issue, and there’s no way to identify the problem until it is too late.

Every 3 To 5 Years

septic systemThe experts at Great Bear Septic Service recommend a septic pumping every three to five years, depending on your tank’s size and how many people live in your home. Routine septic service from the team is a preventative measure, as they inspect the whole system. This includes checking whether the inlet and outlet baffles are intact and not clogged with roots, and looking for tank leaks. Regular septic maintenance also checks for tank root entry, drain field backflow, and dividing wall issues. The tank’s dividing wall keeps sludge from entering the drain field. If it is leaning over or has fallen down, solids cannot be pumped out and more frequent tank cleaning will be required.

Your Septic Solution Company

Work with Great Bear Septic Service to keep your septic system in pristine condition. The company provides fast, reliable service and is licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Great Bear Septic Service is also an Angie’s List favorite with over 31 years of industry experience. You can trust this 2015 Best of HomeAdvisor winner with all of your septic needs.

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