When you notice the telltale signs you may have a septic tank problem, it's important to have a septic solutions expert address the issue right away to avoid a raw sewage flood in your home. Septic tank backups could cause major problems, including environmental contamination and health issues. The team at Great Bear Septic Service, a septic solutions provider located in Mahopac, NY, discusses what you should do if your septic tank is backed up.

septic solutionsAlthough septic systems are relatively easy to maintain, a backup indicates it is time to call a professional. Some warning signs include a slowly flushing toilet, a sewage backup in your toilets or drains, or drains that run slowly. If your drains are clogged, you could first try pouring boiling water down them and using a plunger to see if they clear up. If you continue to have a problem, you should call a septic solutions expert who can determine if you need your tank pumped or repairs made to your system.

If you suspect your septic tank is backed up, you can test its level using a stick with a white towel attached to one end. Lower the stick through the inspection hole in the lid until it reaches the bottom of the tank. After 20 minutes, retrieve it and examine how much sludge is present. If it is three or four inches from the top, you should call a professional to pump your tank. It's important to hire an experienced septic team to avoid property contamination, illnesses like hepatitis or dysentery, and environmental problems.

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