Summer storms provide enough rain to help your lawn and garden thrive, but under the soil, your septic system could be filling up fast. Eventually, this excess water can lead to serious indoor plumbing problems that require emergency septic pumping. Here are three ways summer storms can affect your septic tank, and what you can do to combat the damage.

Fills the Septic Tank

When the rain comes down hard, water can infiltrate your septic system drain lines and fill the tank with rainwater. Most of the time, some of this rainwater will follow the path of your sewage and dissipate into your drain field. However, tanks that already have a full drain field can fill up and impact your ability to use your indoor plumbing fixtures.

Signs of full septic tanks include shower basins, sinks, and floor drains that empty slowly, as well as foul odors inside of your home. Fortunately, a septic pumping company can come out and remove excess water from your system, improving the functionality of your septic tank.

Floods the Drain Field

septic pumping Mahopac NYIf your septic tank can’t release water into the drain field properly, your yard might flood. When this happens, the ground can appear soft and marshy, or large pools of sewage water can form on top of your grass or landscaping. If your drain field becomes flooded, professionals can pump your septic system, taking pressure off the field. If the flood damages the area beyond repair, septic contractors can also conduct septic drain field renovations to improve ground drainage.

Backs Up Your Plumbing

The more rainwater that enters your septic tank and drain field, the harder it is for your pipes to clear. Although many people assume slow drains are due to clogs, backed-up plumbing caused by excess rainwater will not respond to physical or chemical clog removers. If you have a sink or drain that doesn’t respond to plunging, call a professional septic contractor to evaluate your tank.  


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