Many homes across America use a septic system to keep their home’s plumbing running smoothly. Although the tanks are buried beneath the surface of the earth, it’s important not to forget that they require routine maintenance from a septic service that you trust. Septic pumping, for instance, should be a regular part of your yearly plumbing plan to ensure that the system continues to operate efficiently and effectively.

How Often Is Pumping Recommended?

Pumping out your septic tank on a routine basis allows you to clear out any blockages that may later turn into more severe problems. As a general rule, experts suggest that homeowners have their tank pumped every three years. 

If the property owner can adhere to this schedule, their septic system will run more consistently and effectively. The key to getting the most from a pumping schedule is to hire the right septic team who knows the value of preventative maintenance. Proper tank care is crucial to total functionality. 

What Factors Might Affect My Pumping Schedule?

septicThere are a number of factors that might cause you to need more frequent pumping. First, smaller tanks that hold less waste will require pumping closer to every year and a half. The small size of the tank means that less waste can accumulate before clogs start to build up, so you’ll need to flush out the tank more frequently. The same rule applies for homes with many residents. The more use your septic system gets, the more TLC it requires. 

Finally, consider the garbage disposal you have at home. This device will affect the recommended septic pumping timeline. Homes with garbage disposals are known to collect more solid waste in their system, making it necessary to pump more often for safety reasons.


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