Like any other plumbing equipment in areas with little insulation, your septic system is vulnerable to freezing when temperatures drop. This can cause pipes to burst, which can lead to inconvenient and hazardous leaks. Below is some information to help keep your septic system running properly all winter long.

How Can Winter Affect My Septic System?

There are several parts to your septic system: the tank, the drain field, and the pipes leading from your home. All of these can be affected by winter temperatures. Your tank can freeze, preventing it from passing water to the drain field, and your pipes may fill with an ice dam due to slow water flow in cold temperatures. The soil over your drain field can also become compacted and frozen, blocking water from filtering through it.

How Can I Fix It?

septicIn each of these cases, added insulation is one of the best solutions. If the pipe leading to the tank isn’t deep enough underground, hire a professional to dig it deeper into the ground to prevent it from freezing. You can create insulation by placing hay, mulch, or leaves generously over the area. Compost is also a good option, as active compost generates its own heat. Additionally, a slow, constant trickle of water is a major contributor to ice formation, so make sure to eliminate any constant water sources such as leaking faucets for better septic tank care.

Make sure that you don’t open a frozen line with any chemicals, as salt and anti-freeze seep into the surrounding soil and cause problems for your septic tank and the vegetation growing around it. A professional septic tank service can hydro jet a frozen pipe, opening it and fixing the issue right away. 



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