A septic tank needs regular pumping and maintenance for it to operate properly. You can extend its life and prevent problems by treating your system carefully. Below are some tips for septic tank care that will help you prevent expensive and bothersome issues from arising.

How to Practice Proper Septic Tank Care

1. Only Flush Waste & Toilet Tissue

Septic tank careNever flush food scraps, baby wipes, cat litter, and feminine hygiene products. These items are not biodegradable and will take up space in your tank, causing it to fill or clog quickly. Although some wipes are biodegradable—those labeled as flushable—it’s still safe to toss them in the trash rather than flush them to prevent clogs. 

2. Don't Pour Chemicals Down the Drain

To operate properly, a septic system requires beneficial bacteria to break down the waste before wastewater is returned to the soil. Adding chemicals or cleaners can destroy these necessary microorganisms and cause your system to malfunction.

3. Perform Regular Pumps 

To avoid overflows and clogs, pumped your tank regularly. The precise schedule varies by tank size and the number of people in your household, but a typical family of four with a standard sized tank should schedule pumping every three years.

4. Practice Water Conservation

Avoid overfilling your tank with water, which can inhibit the system's ability to break down waste. Avoid overlong, leisurely showers and shut off the faucet between rinses when doing dishes. Also, fix leaky faucets and don't let your toilet run constantly. Limit the amount of water you use in a day, and invest in an energy-efficient washing machine and dishwasher.

5. Don't Drive Over Your Tank

Avoid rolling a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment over your tank or drain field. Your system is protected by layers of earth, but the weight of these heavy vehicles can damage the tank or drain pipes and cause problems.


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