Grease traps are essential pieces of equipment for any restaurant, designed to keep fat and other waste out of municipal sewer systems. In general, these devices are relatively easy to maintain, but they need to be emptied regularly. Below are just a few reasons why restaurants should schedule grease trap cleaning every few months.

4 Reasons Restaurants Need Grease Trap Cleaning

1. Abide by the Law

Most municipalities have safety regulations that require restaurants to maintain and empty their grease traps. You might also be required to keep detailed records of each cleaning, inspection, and any repairs to show that your equipment is in good working order.

2. Protect the Sewer System

grease trap cleaningRestaurants produce a significant amount of grease and fat, which normally goes down the drain when your crew cleans the floors or washes the dishes. These substances cling to the insides of sewage pipes, eventually creating massive clogs that affect homes and businesses throughout the area. Cleaning your grease trap on a regular basis preserves the infrastructure the entire town depends on.

3. Prevent Corrosion

As they decompose, fat and grease produce powerful acids capable of eating away at concrete and even steel containers. Eventually, the grease trap can fail, making a mess in your restaurant and allowing harmful materials to flood into the sewer system. In addition to paying for repairs, you might also be subject to serious fines and penalties if your grease trap stops working.

4. Avoid Foul Odors

Grease and fat left in the trap will eventually decompose, releasing foul-smelling gas that can permeate the entire building. Without regular grease trap cleaning, these foul odors can be enough to chase away guests. By scheduling this service, you can uphold an outstanding reputation. 

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