If your home uses a septic tank for wastewater disposal, then you've probably had to deal with having it pumped at some point. There are many benefits to maintaining a regular schedule for septic pumping, and you'll want to bring the most experienced professionals in for the job. Great Bear Septic Service is New York's best septic company, servicing the counties of Putnam, southern Dutchess, and Westchester, and they're available to help every step of the way.

Whether you're new to the world of septic tanks or just never quite understood the purpose of regular septic pumping, here are a few of the main benefits:

  • Prevent Clogging: The main benefit of septic pumping is that it provides enough space for clear wastewater to fill the tank without being taken over by sludge at the bottom and scum at the top. An average-sized tank can hold around three years' of both, but it's wise to have them pumped more regularly to ensure no clogging occurs. Clogging comes about as a result of too much sludge accumulating and could quickly snowball into full system failure.

Septic Pumping

  • No Expensive Cleanup: If your septic tank goes too long without being cleaned and does end up clogging, you'll inevitably end up with some kind of mess on your hands. System failure could lead to wastewater rising up to your yard's surface, creating wet, hazardous areas. It could also seep into your home, in which case you'll have an entirely different cleanup process on your hands.
  • Healthier Living: Outside of the general hassle and expense of a cleanup, it's simply better for you and those around you to keep up with septic tank care. You'll also want to take into account how many people reside in your home—the more residents you have, the more regularly you'll want to call for septic service.

With all of that in mind, Great Bear Septic Service is the way to go for all of your septic service needs, from the initial consultation to cleaning, maintenance, and beyond. You can visit them online for more information, or give them a call at (845) 621-0250