As the seasons change, you may need to put heavy quilts and other forms of winter bedding into your storage unit. While highly convenient, you must make sure you're storing bedding correctly in the unit to keep it in good shape for next fall and winter. Here are a few essential steps you can take as you pack up bedding for seasonal storage. 

3 Tips for Storing Bedding in a Storage Unit

1. Wash Blankets and Sheets Before Storing

Washing items first ensures they're completely free from any stains or debris, which can cause delicate fabrics to break down when in storage. However, you must make sure that the fabric is completely dry before moving on to the next steps. You can use a clothes dryer if it's safe for the fabric. If not, hang items in the sun for as long as necessary to ensure all moisture has evaporated. 

2. Make Sure Fabrics Can Breathe

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Most fabrics require good air flow to remain in great shape. Accordingly, you should avoid placing items in plastic bags. Plastic can trap condensation, which may cause mold growth. It also prevents the flow of air over the fabric. Instead, use breathable cotton bags to keep items within the unit. You can also use racks to hang comforters and other items to facilitate maximum airflow. 

3. Opt for Climate Control in the Unit

Climate-controlled self-storage maintains a reasonable interior temperature, regardless of the weather outside. It also keeps the humidity levels in the unit low, which is crucial when it comes to fabric. Low humidity reduces the amount of moisture in the area, which means your bedding is less likely to fall victim to mold or mildew while stored for the summer. For maximum freshness when you unpack, include a few dryer sheets within the bedding. 


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