It might sound complicated, but hydroponic gardening is nothing more than gardening without soil. Hydroponics garden experts explain that while the most commonly seen gardens consist of hanging plants suspended directly into water, there’s a number of methods used in this style of gardening. Grow Your Own of Denver, CO, prides itself on being the go-to greenhouse for hydroponics novices and veterans alike. Whether you’re just starting on your journey or you are in need of a refresher course, Grow Your Own can help you.

Read the following guide to hydroponics gardening before stopping into the Grow Your Own gardening store to stock up on supplies.

Tips for Starting a Hydroponics Garden 

Choose a Technique

hydroponics gardenThe first step in starting a hydroponics garden is choosing the technique you’ll be using. Techniques include the ebb and flow, top drip, deep water culture, and wick systems. A hydroponics expert can guide you on the best choice for your garden but, in general, the ebb and flow technique is the most beginner-friendly and lends itself to nearly any pot size or shape. Experts suggest starting with this and then moving on to more advanced growing techniques.

Choose a Medium

The next step is to choose the medium you’ll be using to replace the soil. There are two options—coconut coir and LECA. Both are recommended for beginners. Coconut coir utilizes tiny sponges while LECA relies on heated balls of clay. Grow Your Own Suggests starting the LECA method since coconut coir doesn’t lend itself to the ebb and flow system.

Choose a Lighting & Nutrient Source

For those growing hydroponics indoors, a lighting source will be required. Grow Your Own carries a number of starter kits and will be happy to walk you through your options to help you find the best for your garden. In terms of nutrients, the lack of soil means that these plants are not privy to the naturally occurring nutrients other gardens have immediate access to. Therefore, you‘ll need to consult with an experienced hydroponics garden expert on the nutrient mix that best suits your garden’s needs.

Hydroponics gardens look spectacular and are growing in popularity. With the ability to be grown both indoors and out and the ease with which they work with large and small plots, these gardens are perfect for many homeowners. Call (303) 990-1929 or visit Grow Your Own’s website to learn more and get started. Follow Grow Your Own on Facebook for exclusive promotions and gardening tips.