If you own a historic home or building, the restoration process allows you to bring the property back to its former glory. However, multiple steps are involved in planning and executing such an exciting project. From restoring the original design to the finishing details like architectural casting, below are some tips to help property owners make the most of the restoration process.

4 Steps for Restoring a Historic Building

1. Research

Before starting a restoration, you should have a vision for how you want the entire space to look. In historic properties, this often requires looking into the original design of the building or similar properties in the area. There may be details, like architectural casting, that you want to duplicate, or large changes like switching the layout of the staircases, dining room, or entryways. Find historical photos of the property when it was first built, or look at design magazines to gather inspiration.

2. Demolition

architectural castingThe actual construction process starts with removing the current structures that aren’t part of the restoration design. There may be some historical details that you want to save, like chandeliers and fireplaces, in which case the demolition team must be very delicate when removing other items. During a restoration project, it’s always best to save whatever possible so you don’t need to re-create it later.

3. Reconstruction

From there, you can build the structure back up. This starts with aspects like the basic framing, doorways, and walls. Make sure that the plumbing, electrical, and space allowance details are up to local building codes before getting into the aesthetic design elements. Your contractor may need to schedule inspections or confer with your local building department throughout this process. Some historic buildings require certain permits in order to alter the building, so check with your local government about any holds on the property. 

4. Details

Once the main components are in place, you can reintroduce historic charm through visually appealing details, including ornamental ceilings, moldings, and Doric columns. An architectural casting specialist can help you create custom designs that are reminiscent of the former beauty of the building.


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