When building a home, you’ll be faced with an overwhelming amount of design choices. However, a few elements offer the same appeal as columns. From your front door to your bathroom, here are three inspiring ways to incorporate columns into your custom home design.

How Can You Incorporate Columns in Your Home?

1. Create a Royal Bath

If you’re building your home from the ground up, you’ll have the freedom to prioritize a few luxuries—such as a stately primary bathroom. If you have room for a whirlpool tub, you can elevate the space even more by surrounding it with four small columns. These might reach from the bath up to the ceiling, creating the ideal infrastructure for your weekly bubble baths.

2. Emphasize the Entrance

columnsColumns can also be used in front of your home to frame the entrance. Take a note from the Greeks by incorporating a portico into your home’s blueprints. This might feature two or four columns, which support a small overhang that shelters the entrance. Not only is this a practical way to stay dry when finding your house keys, but it also lends a regal look to your home’s exterior design.

3. Separate Spaces 

These days, open-plan living areas are all the rage, but in some cases, you may not want every room to blend into one. To break up different zones, install a row of columns. Unlike a wall, columns maintain the airy atmosphere while subtly marking the end of one area and the beginning of another. For example, you might want to place two columns on either side of the archway where the kitchen leads into the living room. Or, you could mark the transition between the dining area and TV room with four columns.


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