Plaster moulding is an effective tool for restoring an old landmark or home. Many of those historic structures were made with beautiful decorative plaster in the ceilings, which gives the building unique character and charm. With the right techniques done by a professional, you can restore the moulding of your building to its original glory. Here’s what to know about the process.

A Guide to Restorative Plaster Moulding

How Repair Is Done

When plaster starts to crack or sag, it’s because it has pulled away from the base it was built on. A thorough repair does not just fix the surface of the plaster; the professional will begin at the wood lath that serves as the base. They’ll replace the lath if it’s in poor condition, then reattach the plaster to the base.

plaster mouldingThe area is cleaned, then the damage itself is repaired to create a strong surface for the new plaster. Professionals may take a mould of the old finish so that they can recreate the details in the new material. They install the new plaster in several layers, allowing it to thoroughly dry in between each layer so that the plaster remains strong and matches the original moulding.

Why Restoration Is Important

Restoring damaged plaster revitalizes the original character of the building while making it look new again. However, the restoration serves much more than an aesthetic purpose; it restores the structural integrity of the building.

The plaster will protect against water damage since it doesn’t have any biological materials that mold can grow on. It will also safeguard the structure from humidity and moisture exposure.

Plaster is highly dense, and the thickness of the multiple layers provides excellent strength. This protects against the stress of the structure settling and shifting over the years so that it’s less likely to crack than typical drywall. It’s also less combustible than drywall, so it will slow down a fire if one occurs.


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