A kitchen remodel provides the perfect opportunity to maximize the room’s appeal, flow, and functionality. However, to ensure a successful project, you must choose the right layout to fit your needs. This decision will influence how you work and socialize within the space. There are several options to consider, each with its own benefits. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of designs. 

A Guide to Different Kitchen Layouts 

1. Single-Wall 

A single-wall layout is typically used in smaller homes. It positions all the storage areas, appliances, and countertops along one wall. This design promotes efficient cooking and cleaning with room for movement. It's also simple to construct, allowing for a faster kitchen remodel. Though counter space is limited, you can install an island that gives you extra room for food preparation and seating.

kitchen remodel

2. Galley 

This style has a long and narrow layout with two parallel walls that feature cabinets and appliances on each side. A galley design provides easy access to your cooking utensils, and it can have an open or closed floor plan. An open floor plan will allow your family to easily move in and out of the space. While a closed plan may result in crowding, removing an interior wall near the entrance will allow you to borrow space from adjacent rooms. 

3. L-Shaped 

For those who enjoy entertaining, an L-shaped layout can accommodate multiple guests. It consists of cabinets that extend in two directions on adjoining walls to form the letter L. It allows for ample storage and room to cook, especially if it surrounds an island. However, spreading out your appliances may become confusing. Consider adding a walk-in pantry by each corner to optimize space. 


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