Home additions are ideal if your family has expanded or your needs have evolved. For instance, you may have started working from home and want a private office, or you may be welcoming a new family member and need a nursery. If it’s your first time tackling an addition, you probably have many questions about the process.

What to Know About Home Additions

What are the options? 

A full addition involves adding an entirely new room from the ground up. This can range from a simple sunroom to a whole level. Room conversions include projects like finishing a basement or attic or converting a garage into a living space.  

A partial addition, also known as a “bump-out,” expands an existing room. Most people use partials to expand a living room or kitchen to make daily life more convenient.

What is the first step?

Before you embark on this project, determine what you want to achieve. This will help you and your construction contractor design a space that meets your needs.

home additionFor instance, if you want a space to relax and enjoy the sunshine year-round, a conservatory sunroom might be ideal. If you want an extra living space for guests or an adult family member, an in-law unit or new master suite may be better. 

How will it affect property value?

Most home improvement projects increase property value. However, some produce more significant boosts than others.

Adding a bedroom and bathroom, for example, can recoup about 60% of the project’s cost, while you can expect about 47% to 49% back by adding a sunroom or patio. Other factors, such as the quality of construction and how well the addition complements the rest of the house, also come into play. 

How do I handle zoning laws?

Most municipalities have zoning laws regarding how much space homes can take up on a land plot and how many feet must be between the house and property lines. There may also be rules regarding how many stories a home can have.

Homeowners associations tend to have their own rules as well. Before you start building, you or your contractor will need to consult with the appropriate policymakers to ensure your plans meet zoning requirements and association rules. 


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