The bathroom might be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but that doesn’t necessarily mean designing one is easy. When remodeling this space, you must consider both form and function, which encompasses everything from the fixtures to the fans. If you’re unsure how to approach your bathroom remodeling project, the tips below will help you get started. 

How to Plan Bathroom Renovations

1. Prioritize Practicality

The various elements you include need to withstand both heat and moisture. When choosing flooring materials, for example, opt for tile or vinyl over carpeting or hardwood. These materials are more water-resistant and prevent mold growth and rot.

Ventilation is also a must. Before finalizing the design, make sure the schematics include one or more exhaust fans in strategic locations. A large window can also help prevent moisture buildup after a steamy shower or bath.

2. Add a Touch of Luxury 

bathroom remodelThere are dozens of ways to make your bathroom more luxurious, even if you’re on a fairly tight budget. Features to consider adding to your new bathroom include heated floors, heated towel rails, expansive mirrors, and dimmer switches. If you have limited space, choose wall-mounted or recessed items, which will open up the floor plan while adding a modern flair.

3. Consider Longevity 

Because the bathroom must deal with extensive wear and tear, opting for durable materials will be worth the investment. For example, avoid porous tiles, particleboard, fiberglass, and acrylic when selecting the essentials.

Also, choose high-quality plumbing fixtures like solid brass, which will last a lifetime. Opting for energy-efficient and low-flow options will also prioritize your finances in the long run. 


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